“What Do You Get” with our services?
Your samples are analyzed by a professional scientist with
decades of experience at analyzing ground waters.
When you order from our on-line store, you will receive a
sampling kit that contains sample containers, complete
instructions, and return labels. Simply fill and label the con-
tainers, re-pack the box, and return it to us.
After we receive your samples, we will analyze them in our
laboratory and prepare a report of the results. This usually
takes about one or two weeks, depending on the complexity
of the analysis.
The report shows you the concentration of each component
in your sample and how it compares to EPA and USDA rec-
ommendations. The report is sent to you by email and a
printed copy is sent by U.S. mail.
If the analysis shows dangerous or undesirable conditions in
your water or soil, you can use the information to seek the
correct treatment or adjustment.
(After treatments, such as shock-chlorination, installing soften-
ers or filters, or making soil amendments, it is usually a good
idea to re-test, to make sure that you‘re meeting your goals.)