How to Use Your Test Results
Now you have your water testing results. What do you do next?
The test report is divided into different kinds of microbial and chemical tests, depending on
which ones you ordered. Your test results are shown in the left-hand columns, and the EPA
and USDA recommended limits are shown on the right.
If any of the test results exceed recommended limits, a red box is drawn around it. For some
tests, this may indicate that a potential health problem is present. For others, there may be
no immediate health threat, but the condition could lead to unpleasant tastes, corrosion, or
poor growth of irrigated plants.
If you decide to treat your water, shop carefully. There is no treatment or filter that will solve
ALL water problems. Buying the wrong one may be expensive and will not solve the problem.
We do not sell water treatment systems - we provide you with the data that you need to
choose the right one, and to make sure that it‘s operating correctly.
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