Why Purchase Analytical Services from Us?
We provide professional analysis, performed by qualified scientists and technicians,
using documented quality-control procedures. All assays take place in our laborato-
ry and are performed or supervised by a Ph.D. Scientist specializing in ground water
ecology and environmental analysis. Dr. Stevens, has more than two decades of
experience investigating aquifer biogeochemistry and the environmental fate of
chemicals. (Some of his publications are listed on our main site.) The tests in each
package are selected to give you the most useful information for your money. We
are available for follow-up recommendations and can provide re-tests for problem
areas at reduced cost.
What about “free” water tests, or home-testing kits?
“Free” water tests are always part of a sales pitch for a water softener. The tests are
unlikely to be reliable or objective and do not address real safety concerns. (An
exception may be services that are provided by your local health department.) If
you are considering purchasing a water treatment system, we recommend getting
an impartial analysis from a reputable laboratory such as ours. Laboratory analysis is
far cheaper than purchasing equipment that you don’t need, or that makes your
problems worse!
While we have certainly not evaluated all of the home-testing kits on the mar-
ket, we can offer some general comments about those products. At best, such kits
tell you whether a contaminant is present at high concentrations or not. They won‘t
tell you how much is present. If they have a “positive” result, you will still need to pur-
chase a laboratory analysis to find out what it means. If they have a negative result,
the contaminant may still be present, but at some concentration too low to trigger
the test. Worse, such kits generally only test for a small number of chemicals that are
not really the most important ones in ground water. Many times, the marketers of
these kits claim that they test for broad ranges of contaminants (e.g. “pesticides”)
but it turns out that they only test for one chemical in that group. None of the kit-
style tests use methods approved by the EPA or other health authority. Some of the
marketing claims made for them are simply impossible!
We believe that reasonably-priced laboratory analysis is the best value for home
water systems.